Reliable and profitable investment: open a self-service laundry!

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that makes a sure profit? Open a laundry!

Speed ​​Queen offers you a unique opportunity to successfully open a laundry in your city.

  • Quick payback
  • More than 97% success *
  • You don’t need any expertise or experience
  • Easy to operate
  • There are already 500 laundries in Europe
  • With the support of the world's leading laundry manufacturer

Speed ​​Queen: a world leader in the world of laundries.

Our laundries are a successful investment around the world.


Speed ​​Queen laundromats are a sure investment. The payback is about 2-4 years. The market is expanding rapidly and we expect further growth across Europe, where 500 laundries have already opened in 4 years.

No Expertise Required

With the help of our experts, you can easily cut into the opening of the laundry. No technical or financial expertise is required. We will provide you with all the necessary information and equipment (location, business plan, financing, marketing, opening….)

Low Investment

Unlike the real estate market or other franchise opportunities, opening a laundry does not require a huge investment. With our help, you can cut in record time and be successful.

Reliable investment

You can soar as an entrepreneur due to the constant increase in demand! The world of laundries is more predictable than the stock market and cheaper than the real estate market.

500 Speed ​​Queen laundry in Europe

In just 4 years - and the demand is still growing!

97% success rate *

We offer a solid business model for your investment.

No staff required, low cost

You do not need employees to operate the laundry.

Innovative laundries from Speed ​​Queen

Open a laundry!

  • Speed ​​Queen has been designing and manufacturing washing machines in the United States since 1908.
  • Today, it is a world leader in the world of laundries and the only manufacturer to offer a complete business solution directly.
  • We build the washing machine, we build our laundry, we take care of the maintenance.
  • Visit our website.

Speed ​​Queen: A successful investment speaks for itself

Our laundries are successfully expanding in France, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland and other European countries. We help our investors become financially independent who are proud of their success. Meet one of our investors:

José, formerly an international banker, chose Speed ​​Queen

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* The Speed ​​Queen success rate is calculated as the proportion of our stores established from 2013 to the end of 2017 that will continue to operate as of December 31, 2018 (after at least one year of opening).

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