Speed Queen

Your chances of business success are here.

Become a smart investor in your laundry convenience business with Speed ​​Queen ™, the world's # 1 industrial washing machine leader. Your success is always within reach. Contact us today!

Why should I invest in Speed ​​Queen?

Have a stable customer base

Resulting in continuous income

Easy to manage

No need to have a store clerk

Cash business 100%

Cash paid business before receiving services Don't worry about billing.

Modern management system

There is a management system that can take care of And manage your shop from all over the world

Ecosystem Management System

The shopkeeper can bring the tools and information they need. To manage for decision making as well

Fast and easy setup - with standard equipment installed at the factory.
Intelligent Integrated Management - Cloud-based single-source analysis For processing customer data Machine wash-dry And store location
Remote control - ordering, program updates and pricing Can be ordered via Remote progamming system

Why is it a convenience store business?

For those who are looking for investment channels

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