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Invest in a Speed Queen Laundromat.

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As a successful entrepreneur, you know an average of 20-35% back on your money is an exceptional return.

That's what you can get from a laundromat investment. At Huebsch, we're proud to help entrepreneurs realize their growth potential.

See how laundromat ownership is a flexible, stable investment that is a great complement to your car wash business.

Why invest in laundromats

Clean, fresh linens on your beds and in your bathrooms make a world of difference when it comes to your guest experience. Stacked laundry equipment packs the power of commercial laundry equipment in every unit, helping you kickstart your 5-star guest experience.


  • A nearly 94.8% success rate
  • Minimal bookkeeping
  • Seasonal changes have no impact on your business


  • Simplified accounting because your customers pay upfront for laundry services
  • Owners have the freedom to run their business in a way that fits their individual lifestyle
  • The freedom to be as hands-on or hands-off as you would like

Return on Investment

  • 20-35% average ROI, which is much higher than most alternative investments
  • Low start-up costs compared to other investment opportunities
  • Low labor costs

The Sheeley family has been successful in combination car wash/laundromat businesses. Read their story.

Why partner with Speed Queen

You may not be familiar with laundromat investments, but our expertise and services will make the process simple for you. As a Speed Queen smart laundry partner, you have access to:

  • Location analysis and site selection
  • Facility design that provides a great customer experience with more profits for you
  • Equipment and accessories selection
  • Financing with competitive rates
  • Facility design that provides a great customer experience with more profits for you

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