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We develop blueprints for your system that are tailored to the unique aspects of your organization. We focus on business process analysis to understand your mission, desired outcomes, results objectives, and the way your staff works, in order to develop a solution specific to these attributes.


Stepping back before approaching a significant technology project ensures a successful, cost-effective system implementation. We can help you identify and sequence the right solutions by looking at your organization's needs holistically. Examples of projects include: System Assessments and Technology Roadmaps.


We have a wide range of resources and methodologies to fit your organization, whether you have a mature technology team or are doing your first system implementation. We deliver comprehensive solutions that span all facets of Salesforce technology, including configuration, code, and app integration.

Customer Success

Whether you need regular guidance to manage your Salesforce system, or only occasional help to update a complex configuration, our support plans have your needs covered. All levels of service are rendered by customer success managers who have experience working with foundations.

“ECM helps us capture, analyze, and act on empirical data. The data informs the way that we provide excellent services and helps to secure resources to further our mission.”

Anita Maldonado, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, California Human Development

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Ideal for case workers, program managers, and agency leaders, the ECM app is a customizable Salesforce solution with intake, assessment, service tracking, case records, outcomes reporting, referral tracking, and more

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