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Invest in a Huebsch® Laundromat.

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As a successful entrepreneur, you know an average of 20-35% back on your money is an exceptional return.

That's what you can get from a laundromat investment. At Huebsch, we're proud to help entrepreneurs realize their growth potential.

See how laundromat ownership is a flexible, stable investment that is a great complement to your car wash business.

Why invest in laundromats

Clean, fresh linens on your beds and in your bathrooms make a world of difference when it comes to your guest experience. Stacked laundry equipment packs the power of commercial laundry equipment in every unit, helping you kickstart your 5-star guest experience.



Return on Investment

The Sheeley family has been successful in combination car wash/laundromat businesses. Read their story.

Why partner with Huebsch

You may not be familiar with laundromat investments, but our expertise and services will make the process simple for you. As a Huebsch smart laundry partner, you have access to:

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