Become a certified
Orthotic Fitter!​

ABC and BOC approved course

Prepare Yourself for the Orthotic Fitter Exam

Certified orthotic fitters are an important part of the medical team – properly fitting and adjusting off-the-shelf (OTS) orthotic devices or braces prescribed by physicians. Well-trained orthotic fitters provide patients with valuable instructions on how to properly wear and maintain their brace.

Before you can become a certified Orthotic Fitter, you need to satisfy a number of requirements outlined by the ABC or BOC Accreditation agencies.

Clinical Requirements you need to complete:


Step 1:  Successfully complete and Approved Orthotic Fitter Course

Step 2:  100 Fitting hours logged (can be prior to course)

Step 3:  Letter/Attestation form from CO, CPO, CFo, CFoM, or *Professional Referral Source

Step 4:  Application for ABC to sit for the exam
($150 application fee)

Step 5:  150 multiple choice question exam
($200 fee)


Step 1:  Successfully complete and Approved Orthotic Fitter Course

Step 2:  Minimum 1000 Hours of Fitting Experience

Step 3:  Application to BOC to sit for the Exam
($150 application fee)

Step 4:  150 multiple choice question exam
($200 fee)

Register for the Exam

Once you have logged your fitting hours, you may think you’re ready to take the exam right? But not so fast! You will still need to prepare your application and wait approximately 60-90 days before you can sit for the exam. Use this handy checklist to compile everything you need.

  1. Application fee
  2. Documentation of 1,000 patient care hours
  3. Certificate of attendance from orthotic fitter entry-level course
  4. Letter of recommendation or Competency Attestation form completed by a certified professional

Additional documentation may be required by ABC.

Now that you’ve prepared your application, use the links below to register for the exam:

Study Tips

It is a good idea to begin studying as you wait to hear back if your application to sit for the exam has been accepted. Follow these helpful study tips below so you can ace your test!

Review Exam Guideline
Both the ABC and BOC provide detail exam guielines to help you focus on studying the right topics and information. View ABC Exam Prep or view BOC Exam Guidelines.

Create your Test Content Outline
By breaking topics into shorter sections, you can create study plan and track your progress. Here is a helpful resource from ABC, Orthotic Fitter Test Content Outline.

Make Flash Cards
Break down complex topics into simple concepts and phrases will improve your memorization of key terms. Find handy, pre-made flash cards here: Quizlet flash cards.

Take a Practice Test
Put your new knowledge to the test and assess your readiness to sit for the exam by answering sample questions or even taking a practice exam or self-assesment.

Form a Study Group! 
Studying is always more enjoyable and often more effective when you commit with friends or colleagues. Find a solid group that can hold you accountable and help quiz you on topics.