How Raken Helps Hensel Phelps

Mitigate Risk and
Streamline Operations

Hensel Phelps is one of the largest employee-owned general contractors. Specializing in building development, construction, and facility services, they have built their success on the value of delivering excellence in everything they do.

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The Problem: Risk Management

As an established industry leader, Hensel Phelps has nine different offices across various regions in the U.S. With so many projects and moving pieces, having a streamlined system that could give them visibility across every region was crucial for being able to identify and mitigate any potential risk or exposure. Without quality, organized project data, it would be nearly impossible to know what’s happening on every jobsite—and to ultimately ensure they’re holding true to their promised standard of excellence.

The Solution: Better Documentation & Visibility

To help minimize risk and streamline documentation, Hensel Phelps recently made the move to roll out Raken’s field-first platform across their entire company. They’ve now successfully integrated Raken with their other technology processes for a more powerful tech stack. This not only brought them better jobsite visibility and insights across the company, but provided them with more standardized project data, too. Armed with this digital project data across every office, the company is able to better protect themselves and maintain compliance in any circumstance.

Increased Compliance With Company-Wide Adoption

Similar to ease of use, it was crucial to find a tool that the whole company could adopt with little-to-no onboarding time required. The faster they could get everyone using the same tool, the faster Hensel Phelps could see the benefits and improve their field-to-office communication.

A Raken customer since 2015, Hensel Phelps first tested the benefits by implementing it at a smaller scale. The results spoke for themselves—Mohseni said, “We decided to expand our partnership with Raken to the enterprise because of the high adoption rate of the system by our teams. We are excited to see the productivity and safety benefits Raken brings for our crews worldwide.”

With everyone operating on the same system, Hensel Phelps is now able to measure an increase in compliance and documentation across the entire organization. Instead of spending 6 months to a year onboarding and training their staff to use a complex tool, they were able to accelerate the adoption and see a faster return on the investment. Rather than try to force adoption and wait to see the results, it became a seamless experience to add new users to their field workflows and reporting processes.

Making Better Decisions Using Standardized Data

With the increased adoption and streamlined field efficiency, Hensel Phelps is able to see a high-level view of all their project data—without having to waste time manually entering it all in the system.

“Raken helps by simplifying and semi-automating processes and tasks which were manual. In the past we received paper reporting from our subcontractors and then had to re-enter it manually into a spreadsheet, a process that could take several hours. Raken makes it much easier and faster for our team to gather daily information,” said Mohseni.

No matter which region or how many subcontractors they have, Raken enables Hensel Phelps to have powerful project data at their fingertips in a consistent format straight from the field. Time is money, so receiving this daily information in a standardized format means their employees can spend less time collecting and inputting it, and more time analyzing and leveraging it to better the business.

Ready to optimize your own efficiency and ROI? Like Hensel Phelps, Raken can help your company save time and collect better field insights. We’d love to show you how—set up some time to chat with us.