What is Commercial Real Estate Data?

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Data has become the most discussed topic in commercial real estate. One of the challenges becomes the ability to understand and communicate that data. The data sets below have become increasingly powerful over the last 5 years and will form the backbone of the next generation of data intelligence.

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Commercial Real Estate Datasets

Financial Data:

Mortgage loan specifics and lender information has also become table-stakes for CRE data providers. Lenders can identify real estate investment opportunities to provide a new mortgage through targeted business development and marketing.

Property Data:

Property data relates to specific commercial property attributes. Everything from location and asset type, to building area and year built, this information contains the physical characteristics of the commercial property being evaluated.

Owner Data:

Owner data looks at all the details about the person who actually owns the property. This information often goes hand-in-hand with the other kinds of data, and can give you insight into an owner’s financial situation, their plans for a office space or office building, and more.

Transactional Data:

Transactional data is defined as all information pertaining to a sale of a commercial property. However, a true view of the transactional history of a property will include a detailed look at the lease, net lease, or sublease, and overall rent activity around the property.

Tenant Data:

Tenant data can give insight into the type of business, how they operate, the leasing conditions & direct contacts within the building. The analysis of this is crucial to help learn about the state of a space.

Tenant Experience Data:

Insight into tenant experience can give a unique chance to identify changing lease terms before the competition. It can give an edge for new opportunities in commercial real estate.

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