The 7 Secrets of Digital Forensics

Today’s digital forensics teams face many challenges in a world filled with an overwhelming amount of data. From multiple office locations and geographically dispersed remote workers, incident response teams and IT staff working on internal and external incidents need deep visibility into live data directly at the endpoint without the knowledge or observation of the end-user. As breaches become more sophisticated, organizations need faster, more targeted enterprise-wide breach response teams, tools and techniques. In this webinar, the speaker will share his 7 secrets to data forensics best practices to teach you how you can respond quickly, remotely and covertly while maintaining chain of custody, and facilitate focused forensic investigations and post-breach analysis, without interruption to business operations. Our speakers will include a discussion about real-life scenarios and what the market is asking for in terms of digital forensics technologies.

Looking to get a head start on your digital investigations?

The recent release of FTK 7.4.2 features parsing support for Windows System Information. This enhancement allows users to parse AmCache registry files, SRUM artifacts, Windows timeline events, and much more.

In addition, within the System Information Tab, you can also label, bookmark and export individual objects per category, allowing for easy searching, filtering and reporting.

Forensic imaging is the hottest part of the digital forensic investigation process. Decisions made while imaging can affect the entire investigation and could make or break your case. Join Sarah Hargreaves, Director of Training at AccessData, for an informative webinar on FTK® Imager, one of the most popular imaging tools on the market.

Whether you’re just starting your career in digital forensics or you’re more experienced, you will benefit from learning how to use FTK Imager to:

• Create forensic images
• Preview files and folders
• Mount images for read-only views
• Create hashes of files

A review of AD eDiscovery from Legal Tech Publishing covering: Data Collection, Data Processing and Document Review.

Forensic investigation in the digital age is complicated, but your tools shouldn't be! The release of Quin-C 7.4 represents the culmination of years in the industry and extensive guidance from our users. It is a powerful tool, fast and agile enough to handle the most dynamic investigations, but with a revamped interface, it is so simple that any investigator can be up and running in minutes. We’ve taken simplicity and clarity even further, all without sacrificing the processing speed essential to successfully advancing and closing more cases.

Document review can be overwhelming. Quin-C isn't. The release of Quin-C 7.4 delivers simplicity, greater ease, faster document review, an upgrade path from Summation and yes, batch review.

Learn how you can utilize REGEX and TR1 expressions to find the data you really need. The true power behind FTK and AD Enterprise lies within the ability to create complex search strings utilizing keywords, dtsearch operators and expressions. This webinar looks at conducting Live, Index and File Filtered remote searches utilizing these powerful search techniques..

Hackers vs Hackers: Let friendly hackers help you mitigate evolving security risks

In this webinar, the finest in the industry discuss mitigating new data security risks in the wake of COVID-19, leveraging the combined value of Incident Response and Adversarial Testing, testing your defenses in a Ransomware Simulation exercise, and the unseen adversary often forgotten about.

MAC-tastic Webinar Featuring
AD Enterprise 7.3

From multiple office locations, to massive employee pools and remote workers, AD Enterprise provide deep visibility into data. So you can respond quickly, remotely and covertly, while maintaining chain of custody.

See What's New in FTK 7.4

When you need a best-in-class processing engine that produces repeatable results and maximum data discovery. When you need to review multiple mobile phones at once. And do it quickly. Look no further than FTK 7.4.

See what's new in Quin-C 7.4

The evidence is overwhelming ... Quin-C 7.4 isn’t! Rebuilt with an easy-to-use interface, blazing-fast speed and enhanced mobile analysis, you'll be amazed at the things you can do. Come take a quick look.

Get the Clearest View of Your Data with QView

Love is NOT blind. (Your legal review shouldn't be either)! Get the clearest view of your data with QView

QBlaze for Blazing Fast Document Review

Save time and costs while enabling a high-quality desktop experience with the power and reliability of the AWS Cloud for crucial legal review tasks. AD QBlaze delivers intuitive prebuilt or custom review workflows with processing on a lightweight cloud platform that's managed and optimized by AccessData to leverage the scalability of a SaaS model.

The Dark Net: Anonymity, Infrastructure, and the Future

Is the Dark Net getting darker? Though it contains some innocuous content and is used for legitimate purposes, it also operates as a platform for illegal marketplaces.

Cryptocurrency Crime

This fast-changing technology sometimes outpaces law enforcement agencies and the intelligence community, challenging their ability to detect, monitor, and stop cybercrime. But criminals have no reason to rest easy! Our expert panel presents the ever-evolving risks, rules, and ramifications of crypto’s proliferation.

You've Been Breached. Now What?

Do you know where to begin if your organization is impacted by a breach? Learn about best practices for post-breach analysis and response.

Forensics & Incident Response in the Cloud

In this webinar, we'll dig into forensics and incident response in the cloud. Why should you make the move to the cloud and how can AccessData products enable that transition? We will also discuss a few scenarios that outline why the cloud can be a cost-effective and secure way to ensure your investigations are completed as fast as you need, while also ensuring the integrity of your data. Finally, we'll talk about our new RESTful API for forensic response.

End to End eDiscovery:

Whether it’s conducting a large-scale search or audit against a broad range of structured and unstructured data, or supporting the complete end-to-end e-discovery process, AD eDiscovery® helps organizations mitigate risk, ensure compliance and improve response efficiency.