The 7 Secrets of Digital Forensics

Today’s digital forensics teams face many challenges in a world filled with an overwhelming amount of data. From multiple office locations and geographically dispersed remote workers, incident response teams and IT staff working on internal and external incidents need deep visibility into live data directly at the endpoint without the knowledge or observation of the end-user. As breaches become more sophisticated, organizations need faster, more targeted enterprise-wide breach response teams, tools and techniques. In this webinar, the speaker will share his 7 secrets to data forensics best practices to teach you how you can respond quickly, remotely and covertly while maintaining chain of custody, and facilitate focused forensic investigations and post-breach analysis, without interruption to business operations. Our speakers will include a discussion about real-life scenarios and what the market is asking for in terms of digital forensics technologies.

Learn how you can utilize REGEX and TR1 expressions to find the data you really need. The true power behind FTK and AD Enterprise lies within the ability to create complex search strings utilizing keywords, dtsearch operators and expressions. This webinar looks at conducting Live, Index and File Filtered remote searches utilizing these powerful search techniques.

You've Been Breached. Now What?

Do you know where to begin if your organization is impacted by a breach? Learn about best practices for post-breach analysis and response.

Forensics & Incident Response in the Cloud

In this webinar, we'll dig into forensics and incident response in the cloud. Why should you make the move to the cloud and how can AccessData products enable that transition? We will also discuss a few scenarios that outline why the cloud can be a cost-effective and secure way to ensure your investigations are completed as fast as you need, while also ensuring the integrity of your data. Finally, we'll talk about our new RESTful API for forensic response.